ScrollMotion Business Solutions

Our business touchscreen presentation solutions for tablets enable organizations to centrally manage, deploy and track mobile sales presentations for field-sales teams or in-store. We make it easy to convert static PowerPoint or PDF presentations into dynamic interactive touchscreen presentations that increase sales conversion rates.

ScrollMotion business presentation solutions combine the “wow” that customers are used to seeing, with the back-end security, analytics and distribution that enterprises depend on. Through the use of interactive mobile sales presentations our customers are telling their stories in far more compelling ways, leading to more impactful meetings, higher information retention, shortened sales cycles, and ultimately, more revenue.

The ScrollMotion Impact

The ScrollMotion Enterprise Platform™ makes the power of interactivity work for you. Our customers use the Platform to demonstrate the superior imaging technology of the latest medical devices, demystify the intricacies of complicated financial products, help retail customers find the perfect cosmetics, and get new drugs into the marketplace within hours of FDA approval.

Amplified Engagement

Sales representatives using the Platform report that sales calls last 3 to 5 times as long, with greatly improved information retention.

More Wins, Faster

One customer replaced a sales library of 500 PowerPoint slides with 3 concise ScrollMotion sales apps, then revisited prospects they hadn’t been able to convert. They closed more than $10 million in new business from those accounts in record time.

More Cross-Selling

A financial services client realized significantly more cross-selling opportunities due to the ability to load tablets with sales apps for multiple product lines. Sales reps were able to spontaneously respond to tangential prospect interest with compelling content and secure additional revenue.

More Sales Calls, Less Prep Time

With everything sales reps need to sell at their fingertips, our customers report significantly reduced meeting preparation time, netting out to more sales calls/rep/week.

Reduced Regulatory Risk

Companies that operate in regulated environments can protect themselves from government fines and litigation with automatic updates. When rule changes make content non-compliant, organizations can instantly retract or replace it.

Faster Time to Market

Pharma customers have seen the time from fda approval to distributing detailing information reduced from weeks to hours, potentially saving lives while realizing literally millions in incremental revenue. A financial services client was able to create and promote a new product made possible by a change in national legislation within 30 days. They outpaced their competition by weeks, closing business before other offerings were available.